Moosehead Lake Yacht Club


Greenville, Maine



The next Boat Show will be on July 8th and 9th, 2022, with Registration on Friday and Saturday. Tours to the Marine Museum and up the Lake for a Picnic on Friday. Boats on Show during  Saturday followed by Gala Evening, Commodores Reception and Awards on Saturday evening with Cruise up the Lake.   

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The Moosehead Lake Yacht Club began in 1908 at the Mt. Kineo resort hotel on Moosehead Lake and is based on the boat Katahdin at the Moosehead Marine Museum in the East Cove at Greenville with its office in the Community House of the Moosehead Historical Society.  It is primarily a social organization that strives to sustain the long tradition of boating on the Lake with attention also to supporting the goals of the hospital, library, and Marine Museum. The main period of activity is July and August, which is marked by four main events: Commodore’s Reception with an evening cruise aboard the Katahdin, Picnic and Boating Competition, Pig Roast, and Lobster Dinner with annual meeting. And on most even years an Antique and Wooden Boat Show is hosted which includes tours of the Lake.

This is a Boat Show Year-2022

Katahdin Club House